fjord talks


fjord talks consisted in a series of performative readings primarily to plants—though not discounting contingent audiences—over the course of my time at the Textílsetur residency in Iceland. While simultaneously learning about the local flora and fauna through wool processing, plant foraging, and dye making workshops, I began a reflective process of reading the Canadian poetry that I had learned through my public education to the same Icelandic flora and fauna. At first the readings were a means to spend time in places I felt related to and clashed with these poems, some of which drew heavily on sublime nature imagery; to initiate and invite encounters; and to reflect on my position as a “Canadian” tourist. However, I also aimed to bring to the fore and think through the imported Nature in these linguistic representations of place that, especially in earlier forms of writing, intentionally invited a colonial way of “seeing” and consuming foreign ecologies, a Nature that I imagine left many of my listeners rightfully unimpressed.