yet you dream in the green of your time (thesis writing)


yet you dream in the green of your time
Accompanying text for the exhibition of the same name that expands on the historical, aesthetic and experiential themes present in the the exhibition through four courses of reflection. 2020.

notes from an encounter/ notes from an action
Contributed text for the collectively produced book work accompanying the exhibition Perseids at Crutch. Edited and designed by Jordan Elliott Prosser and Chris Mendoza, featuring writing by Emily DiCarlo, Chris Mendoza, Brandon Poole, Jordan Elliott Prosser, Yuluo Wei and Fatma Yehia. 2019.


“yet you dream in the green of your time”
Catalogue essay by Dehlia Hannah and Nadim Samman, Art Museum University of Toronto, 2020.

Teaching and learning with Canadian art students in North Iceland: towards the Posthuman
Article by Kathleen Vaughan, Education in the North, 2019.

Reinterpreting the Process of Learning 
Article by Maggie Hope, The Concordia, 2018.

Interview with Catherine McRae, interfold 12, 2017.